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How to Diagnose a Volkswagen Touareg Propshaft problem

If your Volkswagen Touareg's propshaft is not performing correctly you will know because of the noise. Faulty driveshaft noises are normally due to eroded centre support bearings Propshaft noises can be caused by a number of problems such as:

  • Loud noises such as clunks, bangs and rumbling especially when you accelerate or decelerate could be the centre propshaft bearing diaphragm rubbing against the propshaft. When broken, a centre bearing support allows the propshaft to vertically when changing gear. This noise produced by the movement of the propshaft bearing can be alarming and cause great discomfort while driving. This type of failure of the Touareg propshaft is among the most common failures.

  • Whirring sounds from the driveshaft can be created by dry and eroded propshaft bearings. Since these units turn complete revolutions they will generally have a differing sound than a faulty centre support bearing damper. Highly pitched consistent whining noise will usually be traceable to a faulty, broken or eroded support bearing.

  • Crunching and squealing from the driveshaft or propshaft could be the result of a failed C.V. joint. These joints become vert dry and cause the rollers to grind down to nothing. Left unlubricated, damaged rollers produce a grinding or squeaking noise as they connect to the scored cap and cross surface.
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Great service from genuine guys, my car was back on the road in about 2 hours, when the VW main dealer was telling me they would need my car for 2 days! ... Read more reviews

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Good service from start to end with quick turn-around at a fair price, well done CCM - NOT a rip off !! I was concerned that this deal sounded too good to be true but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and expertly the repair was carried out. Well done CCM ... Read more reviews